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We strive to empower you to make decisions that benefit both your business and your envisioned lifestyle. With SourceUP, you’ll have a knowledgeable advocate supporting you every step of the way. 

At SourceUP, we prioritize understanding your life and how your business fits into it.

We’re a full-service fractional CFO and COO business, diving into your operations to offer tailored solutions. Our high-quality customer service and careful attention to detail assist you in managing your business demands effectively. Understanding the vulnerability of discussing financial data, we genuinely value the opportunity to work with you.

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As that SetUP work nears completion, we review the original scope for the retainer, make any adjustments based on changes during the SetUP, and confirm a start date to transition to our on-going retainer.

06. Transition to Retainer Work

We establish a payment scheduled for the SetUP Phase and send your first invoice, marking the official start of our collaboration. With this, all SetUP work begins!

05. Officially Booked

We refine and clarify the scope of work as necessary, leading to the creation of a Master Service Agreement. This includes a high-level weekly project plan, allowing us to schedule meetings and coordinate data/access requirements as needed. 

04. Master Service Agreement

Our SourceUP team creates a customized proposal outlining your business description, high-level goals, and the scope of work for the SetUP, along with ongoing retainer details for working with us, covering both strategic and transactional operations. 

Next, we develop a plan outlining a SetUP Phase (usually between 45-90 days) to elevate your business, implementing necessary processes, controls, and systems for data analysis and accurate information. 

Upon completion of the SetUP Phase, we transition to a retainer phase where SourceUP manages the outlined work strategically and transactionally. 

03. Customized Plan

Meet with Christina for another 60 minutes in person or virtually to dive deeper into your business. We’ll explore what’s working, identify areas where the SourceUP team can assist, and provide recommendations for enhancing your processes and systems.  

02. Deeper Understanding

Schedule a 30-minute virtual MeetUP with Christina for a high-level business review and to evaluate our overall compatibility.

01. Initial Call

Our Process

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Businesses typically invest between $3,500 and $20,000

Investment for the SetUP Phase varies depending on the size and complexity of your business

Our SetUP Phase transitions businesses to a new level of understanding, integrating streamlined processes, compliance, and analytical excellence. It includes:

  • A complete and comprehensive review of all financial statements, bank accounts, and lending
  • Scrub all financial statements to ensure accuracy and compliance; build appropriate controls for the business
  • Updates to all statements reflecting the business operations and potential growth strategy
  • Analysis of pricing, product offerings, potential growth opportunities, and compensation for the team
  • Implementation of controls for approvals, credit card usage, petty cash, payment terms, and sales tax audit

Created for ALL Businesses

Our SetUP Phase 

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Beginning at $750 per month

Looking for an unbiased, knowledgeable partner to provide cohesive solutions?

  • Financial statement review and reconciliation
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Pricing analytics
  • Cash flow management
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • CFO level guidance
  • Operational process improvement
  • Compensation review and people management
  • Pricing power and negotiation
  • Accounts payable and receivables management
  • Retirement plan implementation and management
  • Tax compliance review
  • CPA collaborations for tax payments

we can help with:

Following the completion of your SetUP Phase, we transition to monthly retainer services. These services are customized to your business size, SourceUP’s involvement, and the complexity of your business.

Monthly Support Specialized to Your Needs

Ongoing Services

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